Solar Tube Sky Lights are Better than Traditional Sky Lights

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Have you been thinking about adding one or more sky lights to your home? If so, there is some information that I want to share with you. While sky lights sound good in theory, they can actually cause quite a few issues. Unless you have a home built with sky lights from the beginning, trying to add sky lights to an existing home can cause a major headache. The reason for this is because of the amount of space that it takes to add a skylight, which means that the ceiling has to be cut up. Additionally, with the exception of perfect conditions, sky lights have a reputation for not lighting up rooms as well as their owners expect.

Although this information may come as a surprise to you, you shouldn’t let it deter your dreams of filling your home with natural sunlight. This can still be accomplished, but with something other than a traditional sky light. The best way to accomplish this goal is to use a solar tube sky light. If you have never heard of a solar tube sky light, it is a small tube that can be easily mounted into a ceiling. Once it is in place, it will refract, reflect and concentrate sunlight, which means that even when the weather conditions aren’t perfect outside, you can still get a source of natural light in your home that meets your expectations. As you can see, this is a much more efficient choice than a traditional sky light, which means that you will get a lot more value for your money with a solar tube sky light.

Solar Energy – Simple and Efficient

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Using solar energy into your home is one of the best ideas you can have. This is a renewable, free of costs, source of energy that anyone can exploit. When you are using solar energy into your house, you can be sure that your costs will be much reduced. You can actually forget all about energy bills and high heat costs.

If you have no idea how to use solar energy into your home, there is nothing to worry about. You reached the best place to get properly informed. Home solar power systems are not that hard to instal. However, investing in a solar power system is a decision you should make only after getting properly informed.

In the video below you can find out more about the way a home solar power system works. This may help you make up your mind about purchasing such a system for your home or better invest in something else.

Photovoltaic power systems are very efficient. Solar cells produce direct current power, which depends on the intensity of the sun. This is a very simple, cost effective way of using green energy to help power your house. Naturally, you will be able to save a lot of money on your energy bill. Install solar panels as soon as you can and be sure that your home will turn into an energy efficient property, as well as a Eco-friendly one.

Using Solar Energy Into Your Home

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Following the economical and financial crisis that has affected the whole world, people have started to realize how important making savings can be. Nowadays, people are willing to save as much as possible, when they can, and actually there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, making savings is something extremely important. And we can definitely say the same thing about adopting an environmentally friendly attitude.

How to save money and go green into your home? Well, the easiest way to achieve that purpose is by exploiting solar energy. If you have no idea how to efficiently use solar energy at home, you should not worry at all. You reached the best place to get properly informed. There are many ways in which you can turn your house into an economical property.

1. Solar panels

Solar panels can simply be installed by all of us into our homes. Actually, solar panels are installed on the roof of your house. They can easily be used to exploit solar energy with the main purpose to use it into your home for heat and power. With solar panels you may actually achieve independence from the traditional sources of energy providing, making energy use extremely affordable. Naturally, there will be no monthly costs for you. Solar panels require no maintenance and no additional costs after being installed.


2. Solar tube skylights

Solar tube skylights are also simple to install. Actually, they can be installed in all homes, by anyone. Solar tube skylights are affordable and they will actually make your home look quite fashionable. With their usage you will always have light into your home, with no need to worry about electricity bills. Natural light is also known to be more healthier and better for the eyes.


3. Solar lanterns

Solar lanterns will light your backyard, making your home look really beautiful. Actually, solar lanterns are quite cheap, so you can easily purchase as many such accessories as you desire. With solar lanterns your backyard will always be lighted, with no wires and no costs. This means that solar lanterns use solar energy, which is a source of energy that can be exploited free of costs.


Naturally, these are just the main ways in which solar energy can be exploited. There are many other accessories or systems you can install into your home to enjoy using energy free of costs.

Saving Energy With Solar Tube Skylights

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Nowadays, people have realized that making savings, whenever possible, is extremely important. Saving time, money and resources can sometimes be crucial. There is no wonder after all that so many individuals have started to use sources of exploiting solar energy. Solar energy is a source of energy that can be produced constantly, free of costs. It can be exploited by anyone at home, with low investments.

Well, if saving energy is something you are considering, as well, it is important to know how to achieve this purpose. One of the best ideas you can have is to install solar panels on your home and achieve independence from the traditional sources of energy providing. The other great idea is to use solar tube skylights.


Solar tube skylights will offer you the possibility to enjoy natural light in your home. You will have to do nothing besides installing the tubes to be able to get all that. Solar tube skylights are not expensive at all and actually anyone can purchase them. They use light from the sun and need no maintenance. This means that after making the investment into purchasing the tube skylights, there is nothing you should worry about.

With solar tube skylights you can much reduce the quantity of artificial light needed in your home. This means that you will be able to reduce your costs, enjoying a lower bill. Saving money is so simple with these devices that it would surely be a pity to not use them yourself. They are eco-friendly, as well, so you may also have the satisfaction of doing something that will not harm the environment in which we all live.


Solar tube skylights are perfect for each home. They can be used by anyone and so you can make your home a more pleasant environment for you and your family. The natural, solar, light you will be able to enjoy with the usage of these devices will even improve your mood. It is a well known fact that natural light has the ability to make people happier and more energetic.

Tips To Clean Your Solar Tube Skylight

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Solar tube skylights are great for every room you have, being a great way to save money. A solar tube skyliht can be easily installed if you know a few tips that you should follow.


Plus, when installing a solar tube skylight, you won’t have to make huge changes and without the need to elaborate expensive modifications. After you install them, you should know that from time to time, you have to remove dirt in order to enjoy enough light in your home that makes each room brighter and more beautiful.


Thus, clean your solar tube skylight regulalry to remove stains, dirt that accumulate inside the dome over a while. What you should do are the following things:

Assemble equipments that are used in cleaning your solar tube skylight; this will help you obtain a safe ladder and prop it firmly against the wall

Disassemble the skylight tube from your ceiling and then put it in a safe position. With a screwdriver loosen screws that fix the dome. The screws have to be placed in a safe position and ensure the dome is well. Gently remove the screws and the tubing from the flashing.


Clean components of skylight tube by filling a bucket with water and add soap. Then, start to firmly wash the flashing tube, dome and ceiling ring. Clean the spot on the ceiling at the place at which the skylight tube is attached with a wet cloth.


The next step is to remove stains or insect droppings and clean with a wet cloth. Next, fix the skylight tube. Nonetheless, be sure that all pieces are dry. Insert the tube through the flashing until it is even with the ceiling ring. Don’t forget to secure the flashing with screwdrivers. Attach the dome to the flashing and fasten the screws. The last thing you have to do is to put the diffuser back in its position.

Instructions To Install A Skylight

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You’ve bought a skylight, but you believe you are not able to install it, so you need an electrician for that. Actually, installing a skylight can be done by yourself very easily by yourself. You need no previous experience, just to pay attention to the following instructions:

Decide which will be the location of the skylight. The concept of such an object is to allow sunlight to enter through a clear domed window. Thus, you have to choose an appropriate location in a room. It might require adjustment. With an electric drill and an 1/8″ drill bit, you have to drill a hole through the ceiling drywall. Poke through the drywall and through the insulation using a wire hanger and get into the attic air space.


Lay down a sheet of plywood in order to not put your weight on the ceiling. Then, mark the underside of the roof and see if there’s something that can obstruct the tube. Make sure there are no valley rafters and all hip by angling the skylight. Also avoid any electrical wires or plumbing elements. The next thing you’ll do is to screw a 2-1/2″ screw through the underside of the roof with an electric drill.

Use the crayon, caulking gun, roof sealant, tape measure, utility knife, reciprocating saw and take the solar dome and the flashing to the roof. With a lumber crayon, trace the inside of the flashing. Use the utility knife to cut the shingles 1/2″ outside the line just drawn.


Next, lip the flashing upside down, lay it on the roof and start to trace around the inner circumference. With the reciprocating saw, cut a 14″ hole around the outside edge of this latest crayon mark.

Caulk around the underside of the flashing with roof sealant and coat the screw heads with some roof sealant. Using a tape measure, start measuring from the roof to the attic floor. The length will be the total tube length. Using aluminium tape, tape around the seams of the top tube. Secure those two parts with several extra screws.

Place the top through the flashing and ensure that it lines up with the coat hanger in the ceiling drywall bellow the attic floor. Insert the deflector in order to face south, which is the best direction to capture the sunlight.


The dome has to be placed over the flashing and crewed into place. Use a compass to draw a circle the size of the solar tube, using the dimensions in the installation instructions. With a jab saw, cut to the edge of that circle and cut along the outside of the line.

The next thing you’ll have to do is to measure the exact distance from roof to attic floor or living room ceiling. Then, attach the bottom and the top tubes together. Tape and seal the seams of each tube with aluminium tape. Adjust tube lengths to the correct length of the overall tube.

When the bottom tube is in place, apply pile seal and position the tube. Insert it into the hole and adjust the angle of the bottom elbow. When the tube is in its place, you should pull it back down and seal the last seam.


The next step is to complete the installation by pulling the zip ties through the skylight. Don’t over-tighten the screws and then trim the zip ties in order to be flush. Don’t forget to pull off the protective film coating from the skylight. These steps are necessary if you want to have sunlight streaming into your home.

It’s Easy To Install Solar Tube Skylights

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Solar tube skylights aren’t expensive and require a smaller hole in the roof, leading to lower cooling and heating costs. They are a wonderful invention, making our homes a more pleasant place. Aside from these things, solar tube skylights have other benefits:

  • the amount of light is increased due to a reflective tube that funnels the light down from the top to the level of ceiling
  • the tube is sealed from the acrylic dome on top of the roof to the plastic light diffuser
  • it creates an insulated pocket, so it’s more energy efficient
  • the created light is just as a light fixture


How To Install Solar Tube Skylights

1. It’s very easy to install tube skylights. In addition, manufacturers provide a sealing kit, so there won’t be any problems with your ceiling.


 Before installing them, you have to know how far from the roof-cut to the ceiling the tubes have to reach. Once you determine that, you have to use the template provided to cut circle for the end of the tube.

2. Then, attach the finished end to your ceiling onto the end of the reflective tube and that’s all.


3. Be sure that you buy the right size as they come in different diameters. Although installing may seem complicated, it’s a straight forward process that doesn’t take long. There are many manufacturers of solar tube skylights. You’ll notice that there are similar and different features and options. Thus, some solar tube skylights can provide light at night. Other types are ideal for living rooms or kitchens as they light the area during the day without extra electric lights. Use them and you’ll notice that even in moonlight they provide an amazing amount of light.


What Else You Should Know

 The dome that covers them on the ceiling is able to cut out UV rays, so your furniture and carpets won’t fade. Solar tube skylights are also known as light tubes, sky tunnels, sun tunnels, sky pipes or sky tubes and many others. Thus, when you want to buy, you’ll find them under these names, as well.

Solar Tube Skylights Here, There and Everywhere

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There are many modern devices that can be added for home improvements around the world. Most of the new products that surface on this market cover a certain category of new features, such as environmentally friendly, modern technology and additional characteristics never to have been available before. This is the case of the solar tube skylights as well, as they bring all these fresh amazing improvements and many more… and you can use them here, there and everywhere!


Although they do not have a very complex design in their indoor appearance, the solar tube skylights are perfect due to the fact that they can be integrated in any type of home and in any room.


In the kitchen, you can make great use of these solar tube skylights, as you can place them in essential points where you need more light than what you are generally offered by the central lighting system of the room. For example, you can place them above the main cooking area of the kitchen or over the dinning area of it.


The living room can greatly benefit from the usage of solar tube skylights, as this is usually one of the largest spaces in the house and it needs as many sources of light as possible and as varied as possible, so that you can have multiple types of usages with them.


The bathroom is a space in which you have to be careful with your light of choice. With the help of the solar tube skylights, you can have the best light for your mirrors for example. This is very important as you will want to see yourself in the proper way when you are fixing your hair, your make-up and so on.


Last but not least, do not forget about hallways! These are often times the spaces of the house which have close to no natural light. That is why you have to make sure that you have a great system of lighting them properly and the solar tube skylights can be your solution in this case as well.


As you can see, the solar tube skylights are perfect here, there and everywhere in the house! So, start taking advantage of these great lighting systems and install them to make your house more lighted and, as a result, more warm and welcoming!

Solar Tube Skylights – Great For Your Home

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If you are willing to put an end to all the dark rooms you have into your home, solar tube skylights surely are the solution you have been looking for. Solar tube skylights represent one of the easiest and cheapest ways to light a room in a natural manner. Quicker than you may imagine, you will have a beautiful, bright room with natural light.

Natural light is very beneficial for all homes. As most solar tube skylights are able to block harmful UV rays, you should not worry at all about your health or the safety of your furniture and other objects in your home. Letting natural light into your home with solar tube skylights will be cost-effective and great for your eyes, but safe at the same time. With solar tube skylights you can comfortably read or just enjoy natural light into your home when relaxing.


Here are the main benefits of solar tube skylights:

  • They are energy saving products, as they use no electricity;
  • They produce no pollution;
  • Solar tube skylights can be installed anywhere, including rooms with no direct roof access;
  • They are affordable for anyone;
  • Solar tube skylights are easy to remove for cleaning;
  • They require no maintenance, so once you have them installed you can use them everyday, with no worries.

A solar tube skylight will transform natural sunlight into usable light that will actually lighten up all dark rooms.


There are numerous types of solar tube skylights available in sale nowadays. Before making up your mind on which one to choose make sure you to consider the following factors:

  • Cost;
  • Shaft length;
  • Roof aspect;
  • Room size;
  • Decor;
  • Purpose.

What makes solar tube skylights so great for all homes is that they provide openings for natural light. They offer protection from UV rays and are amazingly affordable, too.


Solar tube skylights require no maintenance and they are very simple to install. These products are built in such a way that they will maximize the amount of light provided. They can actually light 100 to 600 square feet of space. They will require no electricity to run and they produce no pollution. Having all these facts under consideration, there is no wonder that so many people use solar tube skylights.

Main Benefits of Opting for Solar Tube Skylights

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Solar tube skylights are modern lighting devices which capture light through a dome on the roof. The light is then channeled down through a patented internal reflective system and it brightens up dark places. If you want to bring more natural light into your home, then opting for solar tube skylights is a great idea.


There are certain key benefits that this alternative can bring:

  • Solar tube skylights are a source of natural lighting, which can bright up a room much more than traditional, artificial sunlights. They allow natural light to be dispersed 100% evenly in the entire room.
  • Since they rely on light from the sun, they are electricity free, which means that they do not pollute and are environmentally friendly.
  • Since they do not use any electricity, they will save you a lot of money and will significantly decrease the cost of your utility bills.
  • They are maintenance free. Once you have them installed, you do not need to worry about anything else.
  • Solar tube skylights can easily be installed in a matter of hours. Even a handyman can take care of the installation part.
  • Installing them does not require you to make any troublesome structural modifications to your house or office.
  • Solar tube skylights also improve air quality, since they reduce mold and mildew. This means that they are much healthier than the artificial lighting sources.
  • Solar tube skylights will keep the heat out of the room in the summer time. The room will remain cool when it is hot outside and warm in the winter, when it is cold.
  • Since they use natural light, you can rest assured that solar tube skylights will not fade the color of your furniture or carpets.
  • Installing solar tube skylights is much more affordable than installing windows or traditional skylights. They are reasonably priced and will not draw a hole in your budget.
  • Solar tube skylights are thoroughly sealed, waterproof and leak-proof, so you will not have to worry about leakages when it rains, for instance.
  • Solar tube skylights can be installed in any home, regardless of the roof type.
  • Most solar tube skylights come with a manufacturer warranty which can be valid up to 25 years.
  • Solar tube skylights have an attractive curved ceiling diffuser, so you will not have to worry about aesthetic reasons, either.
  • They come in a wide array of sizes, so you can choose the most suitable one for the room in which you want to have them installed.


As you can see, the numerous benefits of solar tube skylights make them perfect for both home and office use. At an affordable price, you get to enjoy the optimum amount of light without the additional radiant heat that comes with it. Where traditional skylights do not fit, solar tube skylights do!

Bring More Light Into Your House With Solar Tube Skylights

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Solar tube skylights are one of the most sought after natural lighting application. With the trend of rising energy costs worldwide, these are really worth the consideration. They are one of the avenues by which you can use passive solar energy. Light is very important for every room of the house. We all commonly use luminaries like CFL’s, tube lights to light up the room. Whereas natural lighting is far better than artificial lighting and its effects are absolutely wonderful on humans according to many studies and research conducted. 

On any typical day the dome which acts as a lens collects the sunlight incident on it. The dome shape enables to capture sunlight right from the dawn to dusk, it even captures moonlight. These tubes are lined with highly reflective materials or have a highly polished surface. This highly reflective material allows the passage of light by using the principle of continuous reflection of light. A solar tube skylight can produce light which can be equivalent to electrical lighting of 700 to 800 Watt lighting fixtures. Again, this will be dependent on the sun azimuth, the cloud cover, the direction of installation of the solar tube skylight. Even in cloudy days you can get light output equivalent to a light given by a light source of 150 to 200 Watts. 

The application or a solar tube is to provide natural day lighting in your room. They are mostly used in small spaces where there is less chance of outside contact like bathrooms, closets or walkways. They can also well suit a place where a window or a skylight is impractical to use. Determining the dimensions of the space will aid in deciding on the size of the tubes required. They are available in varying diameters. The larger tube diameters are preferred in the industrial applications. For obtaining better lighting the solar tube skylights must be placed or installed near reflecting surfaces so as to make that particular area a haven for the wonderful daylight. The installation is very easy and they fit in small places especially in places where windows will not fit. Moreover, the skylights help maintain privacy, while offering you the light you need, the best example for this is the bathroom. By using them in the existing office or home, you can improve the Eco-friendliness of your home or office space. Apart from the health benefits which are associated with natural light. 

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